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To Our Valued Clients: We are providing the following information for your use. 
Please do not hesitate to call us if we can assist you in any way!

Company Claim and Payment Information

Emergency Claim Numbers are listed here for your convenience if you need to contact someone beyond our normal business hours.

Company Payment Options (if available) are listed here. 
If you receive your billing directly from the insurance company, you should make your payments directly to them via mail, phone, or online. 

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Payment Options: 
  Call Customer Service - 888-276-0327 ext# 62509

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Emergency Claim #   1-888-252-4626  Claim Website
Roadside Assistance/Towing: 1-888-TOW-AOIC or 1-888-869-2642

Payment Options:  Billing Website

   Mail In    Credit Card (MC, VISA)        Online payment
   800-445-4185   One time phone payment/e-check  $5 fee  

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Emergency Claim #   1-800-628-0250  Claims Website
Roadside Assistance# 800-628-0250

Payment Options:  Billing Website      
  Mail      EFT      Online Payment
  Phone:  877-255-6374  (Visa, MC, Debit Card, Checking)

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Emergency Claims-24 hr. Claim Reporting 888-362-2255  Claim Website

Payment Options:   Billing Website     800-292-1320
  Mail In       EFT        E-Check online

Emergency Claims# 800-527-3807 Personal Accounts
                                 800-435-7764 Commercial Accounts except Work Comp
                                 888-967-5256 Commercial Accounts Work Comp Only

Payment Options

800-532-4221  Personal Accounts
855-325-2455 Commercial Accounts

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Emergency Claim #   1-800-336-3124  Claim Website
Roadside Assistance/Towing: 800-255-7137

Payment Options: 
Billing Website
  Mail In   EFT   Online (Credit Card or E-Check)  
  Pay By Phone 1-800-442-8277 (debit or credit card)


Emergency Claim #   1-800-837-7674 Claims Website
Road Service 800-828-7067

Payment Options:  Billing Website

  EZ PayByPhone:  1-866-888-3972  One-time payments
  Online (Credit card/savings/checking)
  Mail in

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Emergency Claim #   1-866-937-2663   Claims Website    
                   Email Claims:
Auto Glass Claims 800-810-3665  AutoGlass Claims Website
Roadside Assitance# 877-787-9078

Payment Options:  1-800-552-9134    Billing Website   Billing email: Billing@westfield.grp
   Mail In        EFT       
   Phone 1-800-766-9133 (E-check $5.95 fee)      
   Online (Credit Card-MC, VISA, Debit Card)

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Emergency Claim #   1-800-PROGRESSIVE  Claims Website
Road Service 800-776-2778

Payment Options:   Billing Website
   800-876-5581  (One time payment/e-check  $5 fee)
  Credit Card (MC, VISA)        Online
  Mail In


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Emergency Claim #   800-435-7764  All but Work Comp

Payment Options:  
   Phone: 866-315-8445
   EZ Pay Online
   Mail In